May 25, 2022


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Chinese Family Sue Doctor Over Smoker’s Death

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Chinese social media users are reacting angrily after a doctor was ordered to pay compensation for his alleged role in a smoker’s death.
The doctor, surnamed Yang, was told by a court in central Henan province that he must pay compensation of 15,000 yuan (£1,720; $2,200) as a matter of “principle fairness” to the family of an elderly man surnamed Feng, who died in May.
Although Mr Feng had a history of heart disease, family members told the Zhengzhou Intermediate People’s Court that his death had been “sudden”, and blamed the stress of the earlier altercation.
Although the court ruled that Dr Yang was not responsible for Mr Feng’s heart failure, his family are now appealing against the court’s decision and demanding 400,000 yuan ($60,000) in compensation.
Many users say that Feng’s family are “shameless” and one received 100 likes for saying, “Someone who smokes in a lift deserves to die.”


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