May 19, 2022


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On the 30th of June 2021, the dean of the faculty of Communication and Information Sciences, Prof. R.G. Jimoh, organized the first mentorship program of the session which was held at the faculty’s lecture theatre.

Prof. Jimoh said the program was organized to help students discover their intrinsic values so they can be attached to leading executives and career professionals across their different fields.

The guest speaker, Prof. Adekunle Okunoye, a scholar of Xavier University, U.S.A, and Eburu of Iba, Osun state, warmly welcomed the freshers on campus and considered them fortunate to have gained admission to the better by far University.

Okunoye admonished that when going for an interview, one needs to sharpen his creative thinking, leadership skills, and interpersonal skills which can be aided when one has close interaction with mentors.

He acknowledged the wideness of power distance in Nigeria because the connection is needed before assistance is rendered and it is not easy especially for ladies who are open to all kinds of abuse before they are employed.

“Succesful people can be arrogant or proud,” he said.

He further encouraged students to join relevant professional organizations for mentorship and guidance but shouldn’t allow any mentor to violate their decency code.

Dr. A.S. Olarongbe a lecturer of the Department of Library and Information Sciences and prospective sub-dean of the faculty advised students to be focused and make use of the Industrial Training period as it is very important because they might be opened to opportunities or eventually get employed. He further encouraged students to have a good relationship and work dedicatedly.

 At the end of the program, Prof. Jimoh told the students that their future is not determined by what is happening in Nigeria and they will bring growth and development to the nation because they are naturally endowed.

“Everything must be done to make you successful and that’s why we are here.”

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