May 19, 2022


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Clinical Sciences students recount virtual learning experiences

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By Gbemisola Ibrahim


The Faculty of Clinical Sciences encompasses both Nursing Students from all levels and Medical Students from level three to six.
The Ongoing Virtual Class that commenced on the 16th of January, 2020 at the University of Ilorin has generated a lot of buzz from social media most especially on the Twitter App. This virtual class has generated a lot of controversy and reactions from the students.

Here are the reactions of some students from the Faculty of Clinical Sciences.

“It has not been easy. The system is more of self learning…no one to clarify your doubt. But I believe with time we will definitely get there.” – Double Dee.

“In a day we have about 5 to 6 hours of lectures. We have been using the Zoom app and it is consuming a lot of data about 1.5GB per day and the network is poor. ” – Fatima.

“It has been good except for network issues especially on the part of the students. They should release the recordings for adequate learning for those who could not listen 100% due to network problems.” – Esther.

“Lectures have been fine but we still had issues. Some of the lecturers are not tech savvy and that has been a major issue, sometimes lectures have to be delayed, cancelled or postponed. Apart from this, virtual classes are actually cool and a nice concept.” – Bolatito.

“Considering the cost of data and network issues a few times, I would prefer physical classes but considering the purpose of having a lecture, virtual classes is getting the job done.” – Tolu.

“Online lectures are not what people are used to but I’m impressed with the development so far. Most of the students now have a better understanding of how and what an online class looks like.” – Paul.

“My education is moving on and on the positive I would hear all what the lecturer is saying, no need to struggle for a front seat.” -Amanda.

“We have covered a lot in these past few days. Essentially, it is far better than nothing. However I would suggest we resume clinical activities and as much as we continue with the virtual lectures for the meantime.” – Ayomide.

“The virtual class has been fine and it’s something that works for me. The only problem is when I have problems with my network.” – Mariam.

“It is a positive step moving ahead. Though, some issues need to be put into consideration. Regarding attendance, it is not logical that my flatmate and I in the same rotation make use of different devices to receive lectures while in the same room. The effect of that is when attendance is being taken it will only reflect for one person. I use a laptop for these lectures and the bigger the device, the more data consumed.” – Raji.

“The virtual class has been so cool. Honestly, it beats my imagination!” – Abdulazeez.

“I don’t really see it as very effective. The level of concentration compared to physical classes is low.” – Chioma.

“It is a good one from the authorities. The classes had been really worth it. For many of us who have stayed out of class for over ten months, there is this distance that many students have to academics. There is a need for some sort of acclimatization and psychological reorientation towards the virtual classes. The virtual classes are helping to slide back into student mode and prepare us for physical resumption.” – Amos.

The Virtual classes were introduced as a means to continue education even as the nation currently battles Covid-19 with an alarming incidence rate. However, some of the issues addressed here are problems faced by the students.
Lecturers need to get more acclimatized to this new form of learning. Due to this, some classes are yet to begin lectures.
Applications where students can receive pre recorded lectures should be used with minimal data consumption rate. A method of collecting data of students who share a single gadget for classes should be put into place.

It is imperative that all these be looked into to create an easy and convenient virtual learning experience for students as they obey the COVID-19 protocols.

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