June 25, 2022


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Commander in Chief of the Internet Revolution, Techpreneur & Future of Innovation in Africa

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By: Tomori Uriel

Sowemimo Abiodun Alex (born on the 25th of December 1986) He’s a multiple award winning Global business Tycoon, Computer Programmer, Internet Entrepreneur, Domain Broker & a Media Mogul. He is the Chairman/CEO CvMetric Network Company, Jazaza E-Commerce, Vice Chairman Vapour Paint Plc, Founding Partner Infocus T&M. He is best known as founder of the global data system of information profiling Application PagePedia. Sowemimo Abiodun has enlarged his line of businesses & also founded PageOmni Technology Company, PagePedia, CvMetric, Jazaza E-Commerce, Infocus T&M, The Revolution of Internet Media. He is the current President of Africa Emerging Generation of Innovators. He has alot of experience in Computer programming & Internet. Over the past years, He has led a company involved in the web-design and development of public and private application design projects in many communities. In addition, he has formed and led companies in the development, building, auction & sales of premium web domains. He understands the design, development, content & auction.

He knows how to get it built and sold as well, on the 17th of February 2018 he launched a book titled (The Future of Money) with Unachukwu Emeka. Sowemimo Abiodun has served as the Chief Executive Officer of PagePedia Global Data System of Information from January 2016 till July 2017. He gained invaluable understanding of the public process and the numerous challenges that a municipality faces long term as well as any given day. He understands the budgetary constraints, and the maintenance issues of web & mobile application.

He’s an outstanding true global citizen that shows natural genius for planning things. He can erect, construct and practically assemble applications to make things work with a unique cerebral excellence. Over the years, He has helped many clients, both public and private, deal with creating content & design, permitting, and development challenges. Mr. Sowemimo has been fortunate to have worked with experienced, talented, professional, and dedicated partners, staff, and sub- consultants. The approach has always been to build a team (Group) to get the job done. He is an embodiment of professionalism and an achiever per excellence.

Sowemimo Abiodun branded networks and numerous specialty firms provide profiling of individuals, corporate promotional content description for organization, advertising, business networking, global directory, strategic media planning and buying, digital and interactive marketing, direct and promotional marketing, public relations and other specialty communications services to Millions of clients in more than 100 countries. As a strategic multi resourceful indivdual he manages a portfolio of global market leaders comprised of many global profiles agency networks, numerous leading national advertising agencies; a global network of million marketing services companies; and a media group. that includes several world’s premier providers of media planning and buying services. Sowemimo Abiodun offer services in over 50 world marketing communications disciplines across more than 200 strategic brand platforms.

The only ephithet that can aptly capture the essence of this man with a lion heart is a colossus. A personality that encompasses simplicity and a knack for qualitative service to humanity and especially imparting knowledge to our generation. Sowemimo is garbed with enviable success with a guiding mantra that says ( Preparing generation for total greatness) This is apt because this great man of words does not only live and exemplify the fertile knowledge he has for years drummed into countless number of individuals who have been lucky to encounter him. A man who has attracted multiple honoures with a catlogue and a dazzling height success. Sowemimo Abiodun is leading light and a formidable beckon of hope in the business world. Welcome to the I of Sowemimo Abiodun, the Commander in Chief of the Internet Revolution. Hear him and what he thinks about our generation, “Our aim is to make future leaders of this generation such as to have self confidence to meet the challenge of the future, the humility to knowledge, the success of others, the compassion to support others who encounter difficulties and the maturity to take responsibilty for their own action” Sowemimo is a visionary pacesetter and a man of valour.

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