June 25, 2022


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Continual increment in school charges not just possible — Sub-Dean

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The Sub-Dean of the Students’ Affairs unit of Unilorin has on Saturday 24th of November debunked the insinuations that the school charges was on a daily or time-frame increment bases. Saying such insinuation was not just possible.

The Sub-Dean made the clarification on the issue raised by Senator Maxwell and Senator Olaoye, both from the faculty of Physical Sciences at he second ordinary planery sitting of the University’s Students’Union’s Senate council.

The senators had sought to know why such increment and why the financial intermediating body, the remitta charges as much as it charges. In his response, Sub-Dean stated that the statement that there was increment in the charges are just false presumption and as such should be disregard. He pointed out that the charges were fixed and we’re not subjected to change at interval; that whoever then claims to have had it increased should come with evidence.

Dr Alex instantly implored the senators to be conscious of the report or complaints they receive from the students colleagues as majority of these claims are just mere postulation and conjunctures from them.

On the issue of remitta over billing students, Dr Alex said it was in the operational agreement of the financial body and its client that any transaction that goes above 30,000 (thirty thousand naira) should attract a charges of about #150 (one hundred and fifty naira)

Earlier before the Sub-Dean’s reaction, a senator representing faculty of management sciences, Senator Abu Khadijah explained that the issue of variations in the payment could be as result of minor changes. He explained further that a student who has many minor courses outside his or her department should expect paying for as many as the minor courses he or she has chosen as there is charges stipulations for minoring or ‘borowing’ courses. According to him, the same thing goes to Carryover courses.

Abdullahi Ridhwan Adetutu reports

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