May 19, 2022


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Controversy erupts over omission of Faculty of Arts UISAPC commissioner nominee

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The constitution of the members of Unilorin Independent Students’ Anti-corrupt Practices Commission, UISAPC, was intercepted by minutes of pandemonium as the name of commissioner nominee from faculty of arts was excluded from the list of those commissioners who took oath of office last Saturday.

Prior to this, Senator Olayiwola Sheriff Abiodun called the attention of the house to the exclusion of the nominee from his constituency. He referred the house to UISAPC act of the students union compendium which state that “The Commission shall consist of a chairman, a secretary and a public relations officer, all of who shall be elected by the nominated members whom shall come each faculty in the University of Ilorin”

Sheriff added “Mr Senate President, if we are to abide by this compendium, every commissioner nominees shall be on seat before they can elect the president, secretary and the public relations officer of the commission”

The senate president, Sen. David Titiloye, in his reaction, said that the name of the nominee from Faculty of Arts was not submitted before the stipulated deadline and thus he will be attended to in later date, and not at the second ordinary sitting.

After several minutes of signifying to contribute to the issue but was not observed by the senate president, senator Yahaya Ramadan from law constituency protested that he has been raising his hand for quite a while but the senate president deliberately ignored him. Yet, the session continued without senator Ramadan not being attended to.

Consequently, Ramadan vent his displeasure and described the senate president’s action as being unpolitical. He stood up unobserved and said “Senate president sir, I have raised my hand for quite a while now and you purposely ignored me due to your hidden motives”

Meanwhile the senate president instructed senator Ramadan to excuse the house for some minutes but he redused to obey the instruction. After few minutes, he hesitantly stood up and left the sitting angrily.

Thereafter, senator Sheriff moved a motion that the excluded commissioner nominee should be inducted but the deputy senate president, Sen. Atobiloye Kaosarat Morenikeji, moved a counter motion against it. The senate president then put the two motion to the house to be decided on, whereby majority of the house voted against senator Sheriff’s motion.

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