May 26, 2022


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Court declares 100 level constituency inexistent until Matriculation

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LSS Court on the 4th of February, 2019 declared its 100 Level Constituency inexistent and has ordered the representatives of the 100 Level students in the LSS House of Representatives to be ejected from the House.

This decision was reached in the judgement of the case of Taofik Waliu Opeyemi vs. LSS ISEC & ors in which the counsel to the Plaintiff, Mr. Taofik Waliu contended that the 100 Level students are merely students and are not members of the LSS until the matriculation ceremony has being held and the matriculation oath has being administered upon them as stated in Section 5 of the LSS Constitution. He sought for the ejection of the 100 Level students in the LSS House and declared the action of the LSS ISEC by conducting elections for 100 Level students before Matriculation null and void.

Counsel to the defendants, Mr. Muhammadul Awwal Omopupa who appeared on behalf of the LSS litigation bureau argued that the matriculation is a mere ceremony and the students are members of the LSS since they had been granted admission into the Faculty by the university. He also stated that Section 10(3) of the LSS constitution states that all levels in the Faculty of Law should be ably represented in the House and the non-representation of members of the 100 Level would amount to injustice.

The court however ruled that the 100 Level Students are not members of the LSS and that the 100 Level constituency is inexistent until the matriculation ceremony is conducted by the university. It stated the provisions of Section 10(3) of the constitution is subject to Section 5 of the constitution and that the 100 Level students are only students of the Faculty of Law and they are not yet members of the LSS.

Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez

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