May 26, 2022


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Court Upholds Senate Plenary as Advocate drags Senior Advocate to Court

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Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez

The Students’ Union Court has held that the sitting of the Senate Council to hold on Saturday, 18th of January, 2020 could go on as scheduled.

This is pursuant to the striking out of the motion exparte filed by one Mr. Bello Bilal Sola of the Law Faculty of the University, who reportedly sought for the adjournment of the Senate Council’s plenary as the matter on the appointment and ratification of the Attorney General of the Students Union, which is expected to be discussed on the floor of the Senate on the said date, is in determination before the court.

Mr. Bello made his case after the grant of the prayer for ejection and substitution of parties where one Mr. Okwara Lawrence withdrew his interest from prosecuting the case and Mr. Bello Bilal was substituted with the former by his counsel, Mr. Tajudeeen Habeebulah, who is a Senior Advocate of the Union.

It should be recalled that Mr. Okwara dragged a Senior Advocate of the Union, Mr. Kalejaiye Musa, the Senate Council, the Body of Benchers and the Students Legal Practitioners Previleges Committee to court for the illegal conferment of Mr. Kalejaiye as a Senior Advocate.

In his pleminary objection, Mr. Kalejaiye Musa argued that the matter was already academic as he has been conferred with the rank for the past two years and the board which nominated him is currently not I existence. He also argued that the claimant has no legal standing before the court to institute such matter. However, the arguments of the learned silk was struck out for lack of merit.

It should also observed that counsels to the claimant and the second defendant, Mr. Tajudeeen Habeebulah and Mr. Kalejaiye Musa are both members of the inner bar as Senior Advocates of the Union who are most likely to be contenders for the post of the Attorney General of the Students Union, thereby giving the case before the court some glint of political and personal colouration.

The appointment of the Attorney General of the Union is long overdue. However, the Senate Council, which is responsible for the ratification of persons for the rank, has been suspiciously and uncomfortably evasive in hearing the matter in its prolonged and irregular plenaries. It is hoped that by the ruling of the court, the matter would be heard by the Council to fill the prestigious post with qualified persons for the proper dispensation of justice and protection of dictates of the law in the Union’s environs

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