May 24, 2022


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Cultural Security Forum inducts new members

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Unilorin chapter of the cultural security forum, which is the mother body for all indigenous and cultural associations on campus, held its induction programme on the 1st of February, 2019. The programme which was held to induct ambassadors from the various indigenous associations, was held in in LR 3 of the Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin.

The President in his welcome address stated that the CSF is the collegiate body of the Institute for African Culture and International Understanding (IACIU) which is the category II of UNESCO. He stated that the forum is in affiliation with Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Abeokuta. He reinstated that the forum is poised to groom active leaders and to protect the African culture.

Discussing the topic of the lecture “Driving sustainable development through cultural engagement of Nigerian youths”, Mr. Muhammed Idris Momoh, who was a former President of the forum, stated the promotion of cultural values, heritages and vestiges is a veritable way of achieving sustainable development in Nigeria. He also stated that the endemic poverty affecting the Nigerian youths and the citizenry could be ended through cultural engagement. He also affirmed that cultural tourism is a massive source of income generation which could be diverted to sustain the Nigerian economy. He pathetically lamented that corruption plaguing the cultural sectors may hinder development and he urged the youths to actively participate and be involved in the dissemination of our cultural values and heritages.

The induction was undertaken by the Attorney General of the Students’ Union, Mr. Jimoh Omotayo. In their goodwill messages, Assistant General Secetary, Miss. Ajede Khadijah Adebanke (Bankz) who led the Students’ Union delegation expressed her appreciation to the executives of the CSF for organizing the programme in support of our culture and she pledged that the Students’ Union government would continue to support the CSF in the achievement of its mission and vision of promoting the African culture on campus.

Immediate past President of the Forum, Mr. Adnan Adedimeji commended the Forum and enjoined the newly inducted ambassadors of the CSF not to betray the trust which the various indigenous associations have in them and urged them to promptly carry the mantle of promoting African culture on campus. He also urged members of the public to be proud of their culture and imbibe the values being taught in their traditions. He implored the audience to promote the unity of the various ethnic groups and cultures through engagement with other cultures.

Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez

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