May 19, 2022


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Davido defends Chioma’s absence from Instagram

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Davido’s trending #AskDavido on Twitter has got him answering a wide range of questions including that of him clearing the air of his girlfriend, Chioma’s absence from Instagram.

A fan had pointed out the fact that Chioma in recent times had been on the low-key and was wondering if Davido was still dating her.

“#Askdavido are u still dating chioma. Cux I have nt yet heard anything abt her again😮😮” she asked.

As expected, Davido went on to debunk the notion that there were hitches in their relationship.

“She’s working on her cooking show and doesn’t wanna get on social media for now … social media is not life!” he replied.

Davido has in the last few hours spent time with his fans on Twitter answering questions from them. Some of these questions were personal, while as expected some fans took advantage of it to plead for financial assistance.

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