May 17, 2022


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Dean of Clinical Sciences Endorses College Press

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Gbemisola Ibrahim, Adoto Hussein

The Dean of Clinical Sciences, University of Ilorin, Prof. Ibrahim Adeola Katibi has endorsed the establishment of College Press in the College of Health Sciences of the university.

He made the declaration when he hosted executives of College Press and the Press Council at his office on Wednesday.

Members of the UCJ UNILORIN Press Council that visited the Dean include the President, Quayyim Adedimeji, Vice President (Administration), Christiana Peter, Director of Mobilization, Ayodimeji Ameenah, Director of Operations, Ajao Ifeoluwa, Assistant Director-General Ibrahim Nafisa, and Editor-in-Chief of College Press, Hussein Adoto.

In his welcome address, the eminent professor of medicine gave a brief history of the 36-year old faculty, and how it has grown to produce two other faculties – Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences and Faculties of Basic Clinical Sciences – that now constitute the College of Health Sciences.

Prof. Katibi noted that, as a two-time Dean of the faculty with the highest number of professors and publications, he recognizes and appreciates the role of student journalism in narrating the peculiarities of student and academic life in the College.

He charged campus journalists to live up to the ethics and responsibilities of journalism and ensure that they use their “very important role” as members of the Fourth Estate of the Realm to champion worthy causes.

Prof. Katibi said: “I want to challenge you not to relent in your ability to manifest all the key components of journalism; which are to inform about what is happening around them; to educate people about what they need to know, particularly in this era of COVID. People need to know how they can protect themselves.”

“Then you are also to analyze issues and events and happenings in and around the campus. Journalists are to entertain so that the followership or readership can find something to relax. Finally, journalists are to conduct cutting-edge research about issues, developments, and letting key stakeholders know what the true position of things is.”

In his initial remark, the Editor-in-Chief of the College Press, Hussein Adoto told the Dean that College Press became necessary due to the large information gap between students in the College and the Permanent Site.

The President of UCJ UNILORIN, Quayyim Adedimeji reiterated this in his speech.

“We discovered that there is this large divide between PS and College in reporting the real happenings in College. That is why we as campus journalists decided to have a sort of a College Press to ensure that we have a very strong presence here in College so that all the activities and happenings in College are given proper reportage”, says the 400 level student of Law.

The Dean gave copies of the Clinical Watch and College Bulletin to the Pressmen. He said the publications of these materials are a “manifestation of the fact that we believe in journalism.”

Prof. Katibi affirmed the support of the Faculty for College Press and gave the Press permission to use available Lecture Rooms for weekly Congresses if they are free.

According to him, campus journalists should have a solid moral and intellectual background. “You are not supposed to be a docile journalist. You are supposed to be analytic, to be able to look at issues compassionately and state facts exactly the way they are.”

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