June 25, 2022


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The attention of the Press Council of the Union of Campus Journalists (UCJ), has been drawn to a ‘report’ purportedly written by UCJ Unilorin as regards the membership status of a senator, and the attendant statement issued by the Senate Council to that effect.

We wish to reiterate that OFFICIAL UCJ news/reports can ONLY be read through her website via www.ucjunilorin.com. Other sources carrying news which bear our insignia or logo may be misleading.

We commend the efforts of our correspondents present at the last Senate Council sitting. They have indeed done a great job by TAKING NOTES of the happenings at the Sitting which will then be sent to the Editor-in-Chief for editing and publication.

We hereby urge our esteemed readers to frequently visit the official website of the UCJ for credible and reliable news stories.

However, it is our greatest surprise that the Senate Council would hastily release an official statement on the said report without deeming it fit and proper to confirm its veracity from the UCJ via the Editor-in-Chief or the President. It simply shows the wide disconnect between the lawmaking arm of the Union, and the Fourth Estate of the Realm.

In addition, it is important to remind the Senate Council that its rule on the prohibition of the use of phones during sittings does not apply to the Press except the House is in a closed-door session. As such, it is only a despotic regime that makes a case for the suspension of the press from covering the proceedings of the House. Such move only affirms the eternal wisdom in the saying, ‘power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely’.

We hereby call on the Senate Council, to retract her statement, accrediting the said report to the UCJ.

As a Union, we remain unruffled and shall continue to play our role as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution which is the supreme law in Nigeria. We advise the Senate Council to exercise its powers within the confines of the law as anything done outside it amounts to gross abuse of power.


Fadlullah Azeez

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