May 19, 2022


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Discovery from Ages: The Europe Oldest Ship Wreck

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By Abdulrasheed Ahmed Damilola

A lot of events unfolds daily on earth which are likely to be hidden to the majority of the world population. Some of these events are matters that possibly have effect on humans, but for the fact that the surface of the earth goes beyond where we are and where dwell in, it’s likely that we are ignorant about other things that happens in the neighborhood and even beyond.

Some events which most likely get hidden to people around are even that happens in the water(Above or below the water surface), in the forest and so on. Some of these happenings are later discovered by researchers and travellers ,who find out traces of happenings that has happened a lot of years without being discovered.
In the year 2009, one of the biggest and oldest wrecked ship was found in Europe after centuries, which was later announced in 2010.

The discovery was made by a group of archaeologists. The crew of archaeologists discovered materials such as copper and tin ingots, materials thatare used in making jewelry and weapons. The amateur team of researchers were the ones that formostly discovered a cargo, before the archaeological team decided to go on an overall outing to make the research and fish out the rest of the materials contained in the ship.

The vessel which went into an abrupt stop off the coast near salcombe in devon was discovered but not as a whole, after some evaluations it is believed that the ship sank 900BC. After a lot of search aroun the ocean, 259 copper and 27 tin ingots which is believed to be heading to England was found. Other materials found include three gold bracelet, two stone objects that might have been used as slingshot and a bronze sword. It is believed that the body of the ship have perished(decayed), as none of it could be found throughout the search.

Engineer Tim Tyson who was part of the South West Archeology Group (SWMAG), that investigated and recovered this old lost treasures said, “You have something in your hands that had not seen the light of day in 3,000 years. The last person to do so must have died in the shipwreck. It shows definite communications and trade these people were trading as we would these days.”

The British Museum has purchased some of the pieces found, including the bronze sword, gold jewellery and various stone objects, but the price of the deal was not disclosed.

Other things to know about this recovery includes, the shipwreck happened 900 BC, the time which was known as bronze age.
Since they couldn’t find the body of the ship at all, it was made to believe that the ship body which was made of long timber planks or a wooden frame with animal hide stretched across it has rotten with time.
After many analysis, experts believed that the ship is twelve meters long and two meters wide which is estimated to contain 15 crew members on it.

The world is indeed wide and we can only discover more happenings as we research more.

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