May 24, 2022


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Drug Abuse: Nursing Students Educate University Students on the Effects of Self-Education and Substance Abuse

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LAWAL, Victor D

On Wednesday, January 12th, 2021, nursing students of the University of Ilorin held a campus rally on ‘Say No to Drug Abuse,’ which was followed by a free medical checkup for students at the school park.

In an interview with three (3) students from the department, Mr. Faseyi Joshua, Miss Olona Fatimah, and Miss. Dumoye Ganiyat stated that the rally’s goal is to raise public awareness and educate students about the dangers of self-medication and substance abuse.

Miss Dumoye Ganiyat posits that “‘rest, sleep or even healthy living could be a better solution to students instead of taking narcotics, alcohol as stimulant or caffeine to stay alert’. She further stated that ‘”these substances have a long term effect that can affect the body ranging from cancer, effect on the liver, lungs and also one’s kidney.”

She also mentioned that depression could be another factor that leads students to use these substances to feel joyful or high at a given time. If faced with this difficulty, she urged students to seek help from the school counselling unit or the rehabilitation centre at the teaching hospital.

The informants pledged to place banners and handbills around the college to help students facing similar issues find their way to their centre. They also committed to continuing the public awareness campaign on social media accounts that students could easily evaluate.

Others were offering free medical examinations to students who showed interest as part of the group went to key locations on campus.

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