May 17, 2022


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EDITORIAL: Our Solidarity Statement on #EndSARS

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As a liberty-driven and values-based student press organization, we strongly believe in standing up for social justice and what is right. At this trying time and dire state of our nation, our mission of protecting and advocating for the human rights of the community we serve has never been more important to us!

At UCJ UNILORIN, we stand firmly against the brutality and extrajudicial killings perpetrated and perpetuated by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). And as such, more than anything, our core value and mission’s pursuit have driven us to express our support and stand in solidarity with the #EndSARS nationwide protest. We share with you a collective commitment. We believe an injury to one, is an injury to all. And to stand together, we must stand for one another.

Over the years, we have had the SARS operatives harass our innocent students off the university campus on the basis of supposed improper appearances and misconstruing them for internet fraudsters.

We truly stand together with every member of our community who has been oppressed, exploited and abused as a result of the operations of these men in arms. We see you; we are here with you.

We, as a press outfit, hereby call upon the university management and stakeholders to take collective actions and convene safe spaces for our students who are victims to speak up, report and seek justice when harassed and abused. We must all work together and take united actions!

Also, in an effort to play our part in this fight and catalyze change, we are open to any UNILORIN student to tell us about their experiences with SARS to feature in a story we will be doing.

We want to assure you that we shall commit to continuing in our advocacy for liberty and use our platform to tell the stories and amplify voices of the oppressed. We will remain on this curve doing more, and ensuring we can all live in a student community where our safety is not threatened and also not in constant fear of those who are meant to protect us.

We will keep strongly lending our voices to fight for your human rights. We will never keep silent and bow in the face of oppression. And most particularly, we will keep championing our liberty through the pen! We join you on this cause to say #EndSARSNow.

In solidarity,

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