May 19, 2022


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Edubox set to empower students, gets CAC approval

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The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has approved the name for non-Governmental organization called Edubox International Foundation.

Announcing the breakthrough recently, The Founder of the NGO, Tosin Sanusi, said one of the cardinal objectives is to help position Nigerian students and youths to become relevant to the country and the entire world by supporting their academics and empowering them with the requisite skills needed for National growth.

“We hope the NGO will ensure students further their education without financial constraints and also serve as a centre for skills acquisition for youths,” Sanusi said.

He noted that the foundation will provide a platform of sponsorship for destitute students who are intelligent and can’t afford education.

Sanusi listed some of the proposed trustees of the new NGO as Kelvin David; Sanusi Tosin Moses; Igwe Hephzibah Adaeze; Nwaigwe Marilyn Chinwe; Joshua; Christian Amuzie and Hassan Ahmed Adekunle.

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