May 19, 2022


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Effect of Covid 19: Government’s faults or citizens’?

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By Ejeh Hannah Blossom


Over time, the problem with Nigeria is simply a failure of leadership and COVID-19 has offered us the privilege to see the result of failure of leadership in different ways over the years.

Although the country is still yet to recover fully from the effect of the raging novel corona virus due to the failure on the part of every individual in the country, both government and the citizens. The citizens find it more easy to point accusing fingers at the leaders when there is a lot they can also do on their part to help curb the spread.

How ever, the blame is more on the government. From the discovery of just 2 cases in March 2020, Nigeria ended up with over a hundred thousands cases of cases by 2020.
This was according to the report given by the NCDC.

The numbering is all scam and falsified, citizens said because most of them saw no proof of any close relative or friend who had a case.
Some people were being paid by the government to fill up the isolation centre as a proof. They were being fed well with food and were given some amount of money after 14 days. Some of these people came to recount their experiences to prove that, there were no serious cases.
This is an act that majority Nigerians, when asked, showed interest in doing.
This shows a large number of citizens across the country failed to played their parts by standing for what is right and going against what is wrong.

Government also imposed lockdown on citizens without any arrangement for assistance being made for their feeding and welfare as other countries were did. Now they blame citizens for the massive spread of the virus when a family of 8 at some point in time, feeds on a loaf of bread.

Private individuals, firms, organizations, churches and international bodies donated so much to control the pandemic but no one can account for how the money was being spent.
Palliatives were claimed to be distributed among indigent citizens which can barely feed 2 at a meal. At some point, they even gave a duration of time at which people can go out and get food items and time to return home because the virus ceases at such time and flies around thereafter.

The palliatives that were being provided to feed the nation during lock down were discovered by looters many months after in different ware houses across the states where they were kept in volumes. What else can better be tagged “wickedness”?

Also, leadership turned against medical personnels who risk their lives to save lives from the deadly pandemic. The promised allowances were withheld and the lives of young medical practitioners were put to risk without a reasonable pay. While they hear of their colleagues outside the country getting fat allowances.

No large gatherings are allowed of which exempts government because they gather crowds for their own functions and press briefings.

Covid-19 period in Nigeria was used by the government to satisfy their selfish interest while they leave the masses to suffer.
Citizens of the country also didn’t help matters. All these and more have it’s effect on the country till now.


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