May 19, 2022


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“Engage in active student legal practice”, Body of Benchers encourages new students of law

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By Akintola Abduljalal Abiola

On the 26th of February, 2021, the Chief Justice, Students’ Union, University of Ilorin and Chairman, Body of Benchers, Honourable Justice AZEEZ Mujeeb O., CJSU led a delegate of the Body of Benchers to address 100 level students of faculty of LAW, University of Ilorin on the importance of student legal practice.

The Body of Benchers, being the body of distinguished stakeholders in student legal practice on the University of Ilorin Campus is responsible for the formal call-to-bar of persons seeking to be called to the Student Union Bar and conferment of the prestigious rank of the Senior Advocate of the Union, an activity usually slated for the end of the legal year in the second semester.

While emphasizing the need for new students of law to indulge in student legal practice, the Attorney General of Students’ Union, Mr Musa Kalejaiye, SAU urged all and sundry to engage in active student legal practice as opportunities that abound therein are countless. He recounted the interesting moments in his life as a student legal practitioner including the popular Yusuf Musbaudeen case where he represented the President of the Faculty of Engineering who was indefinitely suspended at the time by the Legislative Arm of which he was handsomely paid and judgment delivered in his favour.

The Chief Judge of the Law Students’ Society, Honourable Justice AbdulKareem Abdulrazaq, CJLSS also noted that student legal practice presents to students the opportunity of learning procedural law on a platter of gold. Thus, as he said, essential laws will remain at the finger tips of student legal practitioners while they learn multi-tasking and other life skills necessary for success.

Mr Haroon Abdullah Akewusola, the Lord Chancellor and Principal Partner 1 of Justice Chambers also mentioned a number of first-class law school graduates from University of Ilorin who all had the roots of their success from active student legal practice. Just to mention a few, he recalled the genius of Kazeem Ilyas, Muhammad Adam Ndakudu, Bamigbola Jimoh Mokanreola among many others whose deeds continue to be reflected upon in many judgments of the students’ Union Court.

Other important personalities present include the Secretary of the Body of Benchers, Mr Akintola Abduljalal, the President of Students’ Union Bar Association, Mr Omopupa Muhammad Awwal, the Attorney General of LSS, Mr AbdulRaheem AbdulKareem, and the Lord Chancellor of Equity Chambers, Miss Lawal Toyeebah.

Judicial officers present include Honourable Justice Ola-Lawal Muazzu A., JSU, Honourable Justice Shomope AbdulRasheed, JSU, Honourable Justice Erinle Usman O. JSU, and Honourable Justice Muhammad Ridwan, JSU.

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