May 17, 2022


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Equity Chambers, End Trafficking International Organizes Walk Against Human Trafficking

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Ibrahim Lateef and Abdussalam Abdulqoyyum

The executives of the Equity Chambers, University of Ilorin in conjuction with End Trafficking International, United States of America organised a walk against human trafficking in celebration of the World Day Against Trafficking in person on the 30th of July, 2021 which took place along Yoruba Road, Challenge, Ilorin.

According to the Lord Chancellor of the Chambers, Muhammad Sesan the main purpose of the event is to spread the awareness against the menace of human trafficking. 

The walk led by the Student Union President, Taofeeq Waliullah, was participated by a large number of Equitarians and Law Students who trooped out in their white and black customised tshirts to sensitize members of the public about the covert ills of human trafficking that seemed to amass widespread base in our society, why this mustn’t be ignored and also efforts to ensure it is deterred. 

Members of the campaign approached an array of individuals in the locale who are largely traders, business persons, parents among others. This was to ensure that they have a personal rapport with them and also listen to their perspectives on the issue.

During the rounds of questing in the event, one of the participants was on the view that he had a wonderful experience campaigning. 

“This is my first time going out to campaign on anything and I must say, it was a wonderful experience.”

“Everytime there are opportunity to correct societal ills, it must be seized,” Sen. Hauwa Usman advised. 

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