May 26, 2022


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Expect more good things, Animashaun

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Animashaun: Expect more good things.

Yunusa Habeebatullahi M.

University of Ilorin Students’ Union President, Mr Emmanuel Oluseyi Animashaun has promised to provide more good things for students towards the end of his tenure.

The SU President mentioned this at the State of the Union (SOTU) programme. The SOTU as organised by the Union of Campus Journalists (UCJ), Unilorin chapter was aimed to checkmate the promises made by the Students’ Union Central Executive Council.

The executives were questioned based on their manifestos and what had been going on in the union since their assumption of office. During the course of the event, the president was inquired about what to expect during his last days in office since he said the first 100 days were used for preparation.

He replied “the manifestation of all plans will come up in the last days”. He also said “students should expect more good things”.

According to the panelists, Miss ABK, the Vice President P.S achieved all she mentioned in her manifesto. Miss Oriana is however still in the process of achieving all the promises in her manifesto. The panelists concluded that some of the executives like Analyzer, the Public Relations Officer and Accountant Cole, the financial secretary have failed the union. Some CEC members blamed it on the streamlined action taken after their resumption of office while some others blamed it on security reasons. Mr Analyzer however replied the panelists that “that is to your own perspective”. On the issue of streamlining which caused a lot of ruckus at SOTU, Animashaun said the streamlining was done in order to accommodate every executives’ plan. The Senate President of the union, Mr Jesunifemi Akano also commented that some executives’ ideas were discarded because of majority deliberations against them. He said “nobody is an island of knowledge” therefore those executives believed more heads are better than one.

At the end of the event, Mr Fadlullah Azeez, the president of UCJ said the union will continue to check the activities of the Students’ Union to hold them accountable. The president of 7th sense also told the students to hold on to what the executives had said. He opined “as a card carrying member of the University, you have the right to ask what, when and where”.

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