August 19, 2022


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Facebook page connects Las Vegas survivors to their heroes

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When Lacey Tucker decided to attend a country music festival last month, she never imagined a stranger would help her survive one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern history.
Now, Tucker is using the Facebook page “Find Your LV Hero” to search for John — another concertgoer who found Samantha and reunited the four women.
In her plea, Tucker described how John and his wife assumed the role of mom and dad after she expressed her desire to just “go home.” After reassuring her that they would, John held Tucker’s hand, then went back to look for Samantha. 
“It felt like I was a lost little girl and my dad just found me,” Tucker said. “It was the most comfort I ever felt. It was crazy.” 
John found Samantha after yelling her name in places closer to the venue. After the four women were reunited, John and his wife slipped away without exchanging contact information.
“Find Your LV Hero” was launched by Ashton Zyer a couple of days after the mass shooting. She created the page after seeing posts from survivors trying to track down the people who helped them that night.
Some of the posts express gratitude to those who saved lives by driving the wounded to hospitals. Others thank strangers for smaller acts of kindness, like words of comfort or an embrace. 
The requests pouring into the page’s in-box come both from survivors wanting to reach those who helped them, and from people who want to know how those they helped are doing.


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