May 17, 2022


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You need to meet the Kambari people:One of the Nigerian tribe that is still primitive  
 By Olaniyi Victoria.

The Kambari people are found in the ancient rural community in Rijau Local government area of Niger State. It is located about 260 kilometres from the state capital. These set of people are one of the few primitive tribes in Nigeria; the people still practice Nudity as their way of life as their men and women go about their daily activities unclad. It is only during market days they cover their selves scantily. 

In Kambiri, there is no sign of infrastructural development as a matter of fact the region cannot be found on google map, despite this, they all live in peace. They are a forgotten tribe who are satisfied with their simple life and their lack of governmental support for a sustainable community.

Hausa is the most widely spoken language in the Northern part of Nigeria but the kambari people are different. They don’t speak Hausa and English, but their native language which is Kainji.

In this era of civilization, there is no vehicle and no road network in Kambari. Donkeys are used as the only means of transportation in this part.

Even though, foreign religions have tried to deprive them of the worship to their gods. The Kambari people are one of the few tribes in Nigeria that doesn’t practice any of the foreign religions brought to Nigeria instead they are pagans who worship a god called magiro. They strongly believe in the power of curses, witchcraft and magic. Their god is a major part of their tradition as they hold a festival annually to celebrate the god.

Major occupation
They are majorly farmers, all they do is cultivate crops on a large side, thereby feeding other people in their area. The most popular crop produced are corn, millet, sorghum, rice e.t.c. They also rear cattles and livestock such as goats, chicken and so on.
The literacy level here is about 3%

The Kambari people believe marrying off their children at early age is the best, hence, you could see a girl child of about 6years old already betrothed to a 30year old man. Here, a man can have as many as 6wives provided he can take care of them. The people are said to marry themselves since no one can understand their culture and tradition and yes relatives marry each other here. Marriage us celebrated by slaughtering goats and cows for food, and the parents of the bride prepares food for the groom family, once the food is eaten marriage is contracted.

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