May 26, 2022


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Okorite Joy Harry

The world is full of so many mysteries beyond us even the great scientists.Amongst all however,here are five mysterious events scientists have not been able to explain.


Xin Zhui who is also known as Lady Day was the Marquise of Dai during the Western Han dynasty in ancient China. Her tomb was found 2,000 years after her death inside a hill named Mawangdui in China with hundreds of valuable artifacts and documents alongside her body. What surprised everyone, however, was how incredibly well preserved her body was thousands of years after her death. Lady Day was found with all of her organs and blood vessels intact, there was also a small amount of Type A blood found in her veins, and she still had hair and eyelashes. Scientists found seeds of melon in her stomach which led them to believe she died during the melon season in summer; this also meant she died within a couple of hours of eating a melon. What surprised everyone the most was the mysterious liquid that her body was soaked in? It was mildly acidic and had some magnesium in it, and it was probably what helped to preserve her body. To this day scientists still don’t know what kind of liquid it was.

#2.A Mysterious “Dancing Plague” That Made People Dance To Their Death

In 1518, a “dancing plague” struck Strasbourg, Alsace. Also known as the “dance epidemic”, this weird condition took over 400 people’s bodies and made them dance without rest. Some of these people even died of heart attacks, exhaustion or strokes. It all started in July of 1518 when one woman named Mrs. Troffea started dancing uncontrollably in the middle of Strasbourg. She was later joined by 34 people and soon after the plague spread to around 400 people. At one point it would kill around 15 people a day. Doctors and authorities realized this was not caused by supernatural causes and claimed this epidemic was due to “hot blood” but instead of treating the patients, doctors advised them to basically “dance it out” by building them a wooden stage. It is believed that the modern marathon runner would not be able to survive this type of intense workout. To this day scientists are not quite sure what caused this terrible epidemic, it might have been due to food poisoning caused by the toxic products of ergot fungi or it might have been a case of mass psychogenic illness.

#3. In 1930, An Entire Population Of An Inuit Village In Canada Vanished

In 1930, An Entire Population Of An Inuit Village In Canada Vanished
A small Inuit village in Canada was known by fur trappers who would pass through it occasionally. But in 1930, something weird happened; a fur trapper named Joe Labelle entered the island’s premises and didn’t find a single person there. In fact, 7 sled dogs were found dead from starvation in a grave that looked like it was man-made. A search was conducted to find the missing people, but not a single body was found.

#4.In 1955, A Boat’s Entire Crew Of 25 Completely Disappeared Even Though The Boat Itself Didn’t Actually Sink

In 1955, A Boat’s Entire Crew Of 25 Completely Disappeared Even Though The Boat Itself Didn’t Actually Sink
Joyita was a merchant vessel that mysteriously disappeared in the South Pacific back in 1955. Though we can all understand that ships sink, and tragedies happen, this was not the case with this mystery. What caught everyone’s attention was the fact that the vessel was built in such a way that there was practically no possibility of it actually sinking. In fact, once the vessel was found, there was still a great part of it that was out of the water, but there was not a single person on it. The vessel originally carried 25 people but during the search, no one was found. This story left many puzzled as to why the crew did not simply stay on the ship and how none of their bodies were found.

#5.That One Time It Rained Meat In Kentucky

That One Time It Rained Meat In Kentucky
Back in 1876, the most random thing happened in Kentucky and it is now known as the “Kentucky meat shower”. While lovely Mrs. Crouch was making soap on her porch, she noticed that something weird falling from the sky and she was sure it was meat. What was first believed to be a sign from God quickly became of interest to many scientists. Those, who dared to taste the meat, claimed it was probably lamb or deer but scientists initially believed it was probably a lung tissue of a horse or a human infant, because, apparently, those are almost identical. After further investigation, it was believed that the meat was probably vomited up by buzzards, “who, as is their custom, seeing one of their companions disgorge himself, immediately follow suit”. This theory was believed to be the best explanation

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