May 17, 2022


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FACTS FRIDAY: Seven amazing facts about monkeys

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By: Olaniyi Victoria

The Old World monkeys is the common English name for a family of primates known taxonomically as the Cercopithecidae. Twenty-four genera and 138 species are recognized, making it the largest primate family. Old World monkey genera include baboons and macaques.
Here we have some amazing facts for you about monkeys. enjoy!

1. At the tip of a monkey’s tail is a patch of bare skin that acts similar to a humans fingertips. It is sensitive to touch and also has tiny ridges that gives the tail a better grip.

2. Monkeys understand written numbers and simple arithmetic. They can count and even in rare cases understand multiplication.

3 To attract a female partner male monkeys will urinate in their hands and rub it thoroughly into their fur.

4. Raw and cooked brain of a dead monkey is widely consumed in China and Malaysia, it is believed to be highly medicinal and nutritious.

5.For identity purpose, squirrel monkeys will smear food on their tails, much like how humans bear names and wear name tags.

6.On the Yakushima Island Japan, monkeys groom and share food with deer in exchange for a ride.

7. French surgeon serge Voronoff (1866-1951) gained notoriety when he grafted monkey testicles into the scrotum of human patients in an attempt to cure infertility and increase their sex drive.

Source: factretriever, Wikipedia and google

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