May 26, 2022


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Faculty of Arts host parliamentary orientation, lecture

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 Okorite Joy

 Faculty of Arts of  University of Ilorin, yesterday, 2nd May 2019 held a programme on parliamentary orientation tagged “Parlia-Orienta”.

Parlia-Orienta was deduced from the merge of two words; parliament and orientation. In other words, it is the education of the public concerning the parliament (legislature).

The guest lecturer, a lecturer from political science, Dr Bakare delivered a lecture titled “Legislation as a catalyst for national building”

The guest lecturer noted that members of the House of Assembly are not paid as much as people think.

He enthused further saying that Nigeria is one of the least funded legislative chambers globally.

Other dignitaries present were the Sub-dean of Students’ Affairs,the SU President and his PRO amongst others.

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