May 26, 2022


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Faculty of Edu. Elections: INEC debunks disenfranchisement claims; again, declares faculty’s elections free, fair

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By Salman Ibrahim

The body saddled with electioneering responsibility at the Faculty of Education, University of Ilorin, Independent NUESA Electoral Commission, INEC, has debunked the news circulating that electorates were deprived of their rights to vote.

Reacting to the claims of irregularities in the elections earlier reported by this medium, the Chairman of the body, Comrade Yusuf Sulyman Mayowa, through a press release signed by the PRO, Comrade AbdSalam AbdMolik Opeyemi, expressed his displeasures over the cases made in the report against his commission, saying the story was hell-bent to stain the image of the electoral commission.

In his words, “The allegation is not only counterfactual but also defamation of character and a stain on the image of Independentent NUESA Electoral Commission.”

Yusuf however further clarified that “the election was initially slated to hold between the period of 8:00am and 2:00pm but due to some unforeseen circumstances, which include unavailability of dummy list, among others, the time was changed,” he said.

“This is in line with the compendium of NUESA as amended in 2014 under Article 10, Roman figure II, Page 31 which state that “The electoral commission shall as situation demand have right to make additional bye-laws rules and regulations to ensure orderly conduct of the election.

“As a matter of fact, you will all agree with me that the significance of dummy list in conducting a free, fair and credible election is second to none as it avails us the opportunity to ensure that all the electorates are students of faculty of education and to prevent people from casting more than one vote.

“While struggling to get a hold of the dummy list, we tried to keep everyone abreast of the situation on ground and tendered our unreserved apology for the unprecedented delay but it’s our greatest surprise to discover that some unidentified individuals. with the intention of disrupting the process of the election, have poisoned the mind of other students thereby alleging the commission of conspiracy which is not only untrue but also deceptive.

“However, upon the arrival of the dummy list around 1:15pm, the election started with immediate alacrity and all departmental presidents was given prior notification as to when the election is going to end – 5:00pm of which they all agreed.

“While the election was ongoing, the commission alongside all agents deemed it fit to extend the time of election to 6:00pm with a view to allowing other students to fully exercise their franchise and the notification was made via official press release,” he added.

He explained further that the presence Dr. Ibrahim, Dr. Alex Akanmu and the president of the students’ union was not for anything other than to maintain orderliness when the situation was going out of hand. “None of the electoral officers connived with any ruling department for any reason as it is against the compendium of the great association,” he added.

He therefore submitted that the election conducted on the 19th of April, 2021 was free, fair and credible and any other false accusation geared towards tainting the image of the commission will not be tolerated.

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