May 17, 2022


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Faculty of Life Sciences blow hot, disregards SU Court decision, perpetually bars Honorable from electoral positions

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Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez

The Faculty of Life Sciences Students’ Representative Council has flouted the decision of the Students’ Union Court, which ordered Honourable Adino Timothy Ekojoka (Fundamental) to resume office as the Speaker of the Faculty Representative Council.

This was done at the sitting of the House on the 11th of September, 2021, where the House concluded that they would not submit themselves to the decisions of the Students’ Union Court.


The Court, which has presided over by Honorable Justice Usman Erinle, with Abdul Pelumi (JSU) and Akanni Kamaldeen (JSU), ruled that the election of the current Speaker of Faculty of Life Sciences House, Ibrahim Zulu Olalekan, held on the 4th of July, 2021, was invalid and that the initial election held on the 1st of July, 2021, which had Adino Timothy emerge as Speaker, was the one valid in the eyes of the law. The Court ordered for the immediate resumption of Adino Timothy as Speaker of the Legislative House.

According to the circular released by the Council, Comrade Ridwan, the President of the Department of Plant Biology lamented before the House “that no court has the right to see or to look into the affairs of the parliamentary house”, citing the provisions of the Students’ Union Compendium and the supreme constitution of Nigeria with Article 1 section 1, Article 1 section 5, chapter 5 part 1 (the legislature) (50(2)). He argued that “so far the faculty judicial council is still functioning, the Students’ Union Court had no right to look into the affairs of the Faculty of Life Sciences”

Also, the Faculty President, Comrade Neutron lamented that”one of an Honourable member dragged the House of Parliament, NALSS (20/21) to the Students Union (SU) judicial court thereby rendering the Faculty Judicial court ineligible and invalid.” He demanded a very decisive and approximate punishment meted out to the so-called Honourable by the Council.

Members of the House accused the incumbent Speaker of  being too respectful and too willing to obey the laws and thereby dragging the house in the mud. They requested that the Speaker write an apology letter to the house for even honoring the invitation in the first place.

The House/Council further resolved that Mr. Adino Timothy (Fundamental) is dismissed from the House and perpetually barred from contesting for any electoral posts in the Faculty of Life Sciences.

This development has generated a lot of reactions from politicians and stakeholders on campus, on the violation of the court order and the stance of the House. The Registrar of the Students’ Union Bar Association, Okwara Lawrence, stated that the occurrence was saddening, as “the judgment of the Students court is being dragged into the mud and our reputation along with it.”

Also, a Senator representing the Faculty of Law at the Students’ Union Senate Council, Tajudeen Sulaiman Olawale, regarded the behaviour of the  NALSS parliament as “unruly”, stating that “it’s a condemnable act and such shouldn’t be welcomed if the union as a whole is keen on preserving the sacredness of the SU court and the relevancy of our democratic process.”

Senator Tajudeen also mentioned that “The sacredness and sacrosanctity of our courts must be preserved and shouldn’t be undermined whatsoever by political men of lame ethics and shallow ideas.” He mentioned that he has “relayed information about this ugly development to the senate council and hope the Union as a whole do something about it as soon as possible.”

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