May 17, 2022


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Faculty President, others Run to Rescue as Thieves Harass Female Students

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By: Jimoh Aisha

In the early hours of yesterday, 22nd of January, 2019, a number of boys were caught harassing students at block 10, walk-way, in the university campus.

At about 1a.m, the boys, reported to be cultists were trying to steal mobile phones which belonged to some girls who were in school for night studies.

According to reports, the President of the faculty of engineering, Adeboye Gbenga Adedamola (Deboy) and the President of the department of electrical engineering, AY Klassiq, as well as other students who were at the venue ran to the rescue of the students been harassed.

Reports have it that one of the alleged cult members was caught and is being detained at the university’s security division for investigations and proper sanctions.

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