May 17, 2022


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Royal Owoichognonene Bonny

Retired CCTV cameras

Eyes worn out,

stained white boards

Patched with its brownish wounds.

Weak and trembling seats.

Old and tired;

 with lame legs

quivers at it’s seaters move.

Wailing fans;

orbitting about itself.

Blind and dark lights,

sagging down the frail ceiling.

 Washed off walls,

with barely skin to cover it’s nudeness —

as it peels with every touch

staining a frustrated floor.

Windows clinging to hinges.

Hinges in turn tirelessly holding on

To weaker frames

and dilapidated cemented walls.

Trembling doors,

hugging the bare ground beneath,

nearly kissing the other end;

 shivering at a gentle breeze.

A proof of a Failed System:

Revealing our nude lecture rooms and theatres,

exposing her young ones

to an open-hidden danger.

Royal Owoichognonene Bonny, also known as RylNeNe is  a 200level Mass Communication student, University of Ilorin.

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