May 19, 2022


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FASA converges Executive, stakeholders; equips them with leadership skills

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By Salman Ibrahim, Abosede Monisola

The University of Ilorin Faculty of Art Students Association, FASA, has yesterday, 8th of November, organised a leadership summit to boost the leadership traits of its stakeholders.

The event which was held in the boardroom of the old faculty of Arts was a roll-call of alumni, the faculty and departmental executives, other stakeholders which included the class representatives, as well as some lecturers in the faculty.

Welcoming the participants to the maiden edition of the programme, the president of the faculty, Comrade Olawuwo Solomon Olajide, aka Focus, said the purpose of the summit is to enhance leadership skills and to input what leadership entails in the political office holders at various levels in the Faculty, adding that “Measure of a leader is the calibre of people that follow you. As a leader, before you can lead people, you must put something in their minds”

The guest speaker, a graduate from the department of linguistics and Nigerian languages, Mr Gbenga Ogunle, while speaking on the theme for the summit: Leadership Quest: Wisdom to lead, laid emphasis on how pivotal the followers are to the success of their leaders. He urged the departments and faculty leaders present at the event to value the lives of every students they are representing.

“The people are the shoulder you are standing on and also the ladder that takes you to the position you are holding. The problem with this generation is that leaders feel too important after assuming a political office, forgetting that the position they occupy is just a platform for them carry out a purpose”

“See yourself as one of them the and never at any point in time look down on people. The people are the greatest thing you can invest in that you will never regret” he added.

According to him, the wisdom to lead is the application of knowledge while knowledge is what you know that gives you an edge. Wisdom is what you know and you apply that put you on the egde.

Gbenga further delved on the roles and responsibilities of leadership, using the analogy of human head. Breaking down these roles, he cited five components in the head, which are hair, eyes, nose, mouth and ear, to explain who a leader is.

Using the hair to illustrate the role of a leader, he said that human hair symbolises experience. Overtime, black hair turns grey, today’s leader (the black hair) must always consult his predecessors (the grey hair) to garner more experience so as for him not to fail where they had failed. Comparing the nose with a leader, Gbenga said “As a leader you must be sensitive, you must be able to perceive what is going on around you”

“A leader must be a visionary individual, you must be able to project and foresee where what you are doing as a leader will take your administration to” he added.

Meanwhile, the Vice President of the Association, Comrade (Ms) Kadiri Ester Chioma, aka Finest, while addressing the congregation, announced administration’s williness to granting a sum of N10,000 to ten to 14 students entrepreneurs, as well as foodstuff and bus fares to FASAITES who need them.

According to her, these gestures are to reinstate the administration’s commitment to the total welfarism of FASAITES.

She further added that the administration is starting up a volunteerism exercise wherein any FASAITES who is willing to be a volunteer in any field of their choice could come out, and such individuals would be compensated. To her, this would help foster togetherness among FASAITES.

In an interview with the participants of the programme, they acknowledged that the event was a nice one and that it should be sustained and be given more publicity as tranings on leadership skills are what should be constantly embarked on.

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