May 19, 2022


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By Shola-Adido Oladotun


In the previous article, you’re taken through various ways to spot your boots in the most amazing ways. Herein, you shall be taken through the various types of this fashion phenomenon. The styles, the kinds, and how best to rock it! Here goes the exiting list:

Street style meets chic

Step out of your homes onto the streets, looking fabulous and edgy wearing a black turtle neck, a black leather jacket and a blue hem folded jeans paired with the prestigious non-gender conforming combat boots. 

Mama, look at me; I’m wearing checkers

Be a fashion trendsetter with a beautiful white and black checker coat hanging on your body, a white turtle and a pair of jeans on a combat boots. 

Shut that girl up!

Remember that obnoxious girlfriend in your squad who is always bragging about how great her fashion style is, belittling the rest of you. What better way to prove her wrong than wear a polka dot shirt gown, clutch a tiny white bag and step into a dazzling white knee boots. Be sure she is going shut up when she sees you walking through the door, looking like a million bucks. 

Can you see through me?

Nothing screams style, fashion and weirdness than an oversized blazer on a white top and a black fur neck wrap paired with over the knee transparent boots. 

Call me rich and Opulent

Sometimes your bank account might be on red alert, but you definitely don’t want haters out there to know about your money issues. What better way to distract them than strut around in a yellow leather jacket adorned with black fur on a black top, a pair of faded jeans, and a fishnet worn on a transparent ankle boot. You are sure to shut up any rumours about you going bankrupt. 

Keep your boyfriend’s eyes off the game

Imagine this; on date night, your boyfriend decides to take you to an annoying football game despite your incessant refusal. Get back at him by throwing on a simple black round sleeve top, a pair of washed out blue jeans, fishnet and transparent boots. Trust us; the only thing he is going to focus his attention on is you. 

Rise above the streets

Elevate your rank when you strut around in a pair of black platform boots, a black sweatshirt and a long vintage skirt. You could decide to add a splash of colour for the pop. 

Who wore it better?

You or Taylor Swift? No one knows until you try it out. Shake things up by stepping up your style game to a celebrity level in a black dress paired with black platform heels. 

Stiletto boots are the new work boots

We all crave an opportunity to bend the rules guiding the type of clothes we wear to work. Make it a once in a month habit to show up at work wearing a formal blue long sleeve shirt and black skirt paired with an over-the-knee black stiletto boots.

Strike a pose with em booties

Be Bootieful with a pair of brown suede booties worn on a white shirt, jean trousers and a dark green cardigan. 

Welcome to London, Mi lady

Trapped in a country you don’t love, and want to explore the beauty of another country but don’t want to actually relocate there. With a light brown trench coat worn on a black knitted long sleeve sweater, a scrap wrapped around your neck, a pair of blue jeans and a black stiletto ankle boots, you are sure to find yourself imitating the fashion scenery of London. 

Mid-calf boots can also work

Look formal and chic with a green shirt worn on a blazer, a belt, jeans and a gorgeous pair of Mid-calf boots. 

Shine bright, baby!


Looking for a simple outfit to go with your metallic boots? Have you ever thought about trying a sequin top on blue jeans? You sure are more than ready to be the star of the show.

Animal Print all day, every day

Fan of prints? Then you won’t mind rocking an animal print fabric from Head to toe (H2T). Channel your inner animal print lover with a gorgeous snakeskin gown, bag and a gorgeous pair of snakeskin boots (to match). 

It’s an all black kind of thing


Why do we often wait till funerals before we clad ourselves in all black clothing? We should be able to do this any day. With a black cap, dress, leather jacket with stones and a pair of thigh high boots, anyone who sees you may refer to as the ‘black beauty of the streets.’


There you have it, our amazing styling tips on how you can SLAY with boots of various types and sizes. Remember, fashion is subjective, and though we listed few ways for you to style boots, you can also come up with your own style. This concludes our discussion revolving around the boots. Hope you enjoyed reading? Till next time, stay glamorous.

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