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Flipping through the pages of an annual magazine created by my department, I saw a picture of a tall, thin, beautiful lady with really clear skin. Immediately, I was drawn to the picture and decided to read the surrounding text; the content was details of a fashion interview, with the lady responding to various questions about balancing her life as a model and student. I was intrigued and desired to have a physical meeting with this lady because if there is one thing I love more than clothes, it’s the models that influence our decisions to buy them.

Fast forward to the resumption of a new session. I kept my eyes wide open, hoping for a day when I could meet her and have a lengthy conversation about everything fashion and clothes. It was like the day wasn’t forthcoming, and even the days I saw her, I got nervous, psyching myself against approaching her. Everything changed one fateful evening when I created and pitched the idea of a new column centered on conducting interviews with people in the fashion industry to my editor. After getting the go-ahead from my editor, I had a mental list of people I would love to feature, and all I could think about was how to get this lady to agree to do an interview piece. 

Wearing an all-black ensemble with a pair of black boots that made me feel very confident, I walked up to her and asked her if she would like to feature in a new column I was writing. She agreed and surprisingly provided me with witty and expressive responses to my questions. Through the interview, I got to learn a few things about her, and rant on how much of a fan I am. 

Brace yourselves as I give you a glimpse into the beautiful, free, and glamourous world of a lady who juggles being a fashion model, and a final year student, studying Mass communication at the University of Ilorin; BAMIGBOYE OMOTOYOSI

My favorite quote

I don’t have a favorite quote. But thinking about it, there is one that best expresses who I am, which is “the patient dog eats the fattest bone.”

Do you read books? If yes, what’s the best book you have read?

Yes. And the best book I’ve read would be The other side of midnight by Sidney Sheldon.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?


Normally, I would choose Invincibility, but seeing how badly I want to leave this country, I’m opting for teleportation.

The best place to hang out in Ilorin is the best place to hang out Ilorin.

I’m not much of an outgoing person, so I would say item 7……. LOL.

What’s the one thing you can’t leave home without?

My phone; it’s my baby.

Favorite song

Abu Dhabi by Ruger; the way I vibe to it, you might think it’s the only song I have.

First modeling gig

I would have mentioned the one I did in Ilorin but I didn’t get paid, so my first was Lagos Fashion week 2019; I walked for Andrea Iyamah.

When did you start modeling? 

2018, but I already had the idea in 2017 when people walked up to me, asking if I was a model and encouraging me to pursue the career. 

Challenges of being a model

Getting rejected by casting directors because you are not what they are looking for. Most people let this affect them, but I’m aware it’s strictly business, and if a model gets rejected, it just means they don’t meet the requirements for the show, so I don’t let it get to me when I’m told NO. Also, people calling me names (LongToyo, Dongo) used to be a challenge for me, because it affected my self-esteem, but now I don’t allow it to get to me anymore. 

Worst fashion mistake you’ve made?

The day I wore canvas on my school uniform when I was in JSS1. I had no idea what ran through my mind that day as people laughed at me. 

Worst fashion mistake(s) you’ve seen women make?

Wearing an armless top or gown and the bra strap is showing, especially if it’s a colored bra strap. A fashion miss.

The best thing you’ve worn?

Two Deola Sagoe dresses and a Weizdurm Franklin outfit. The fact that I wore something really expensive is unbelievable.

Best clothing item you own?

My ashewo gown; brings out my shape in a perfect way.

What name would you give yourself if you aren’t bearing your current name? 


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Favorite movie

Escape room.

Tea or coffee?

Coffee all day. It might even be growing inside me already.

Favorite day of the week?

Friday is my favorite day of the week because it indicates the end of a stressful week and the beginning of enjoyment.

Favorite model

Nicholas Mayowa.

Guilty pleasure(s)?

There is this sound I make when I’m trying to itch my ear and not everyone likes it, so I always try so hard not to do it in public.

In one word, describe yourself


Hidden talent(s)

I can draw. Even though I no too sabi, I still try.

What is your favorite thing about studying mass communication? 

The fact that I get to write and produce magazines and newspapers with amazing people. I enjoy it a lot.

If you aren’t a mass communicator or model, what do you imagine you would be? 

I’d work as a programmer and learn how to plan events on the side.

Cats or dogs

None. I can’t be packing shit and trying to clean the house all the time. My life is not yet organized, so I can’t add a pet to the mix. My favorite is LMAO!

Best runway moment?

Wizkid singing as I walked on the runway at Arise fashion week ’19. Another favorite moment is seeing Gigi flip her hair as she walks during Jacqemus SS2020.

Favorite fashion Week?

GTBank fashion; they give their models lots of foooooood.

Favorite make-up look?

The look everyone does these days is called the “graphic liner look.” 

What’s your signature style? 

I don’t have one. I have a variety of classy, sexy, summer looks in my wardrobe. So I just wear anything that suits me.

Favorite food 

Ekuru and Eko.

Skirts or trousers?


Dream vacation location?

France (I’ve even made a list of places I want to visit when I get there) and Spain.

The most interesting thing about you

I dey cook fiiirreeeee

What do you find very fascinating about fashion? 

The fact that people can create their style, and there is the constant emergence of new trends.

Where do you see yourself in the next thirty minutes from this interview? 

I am drinking the catfish pepper soup that I just prepared while seeing The Suicide Squad.

Skincare routine, please?

Aloe vera, and sometimes honey. I don’t do much on my skin. 

The worst thing anyone ever told you?

That I’m not fit for the runway and my face doesn’t have the “model” face.

Fashion advice

Always wear something you are comfortable in.

The Style Wrap 

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