May 19, 2022


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Fate of Off-Campus students in the face of renewed hardship

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By Owolabi Bisola Taofeeqoh

The past one week for students of the University of Ilorin has been hectic, especially for those staying off campus. It’s been very difficult and stressful having and accessing the basic social amenities that make living comfortable. And when we say basic, we mean electricity and water supplies.

This is coupled with the fact that students are trying their best to adjust back to academic activities after the unintended long break. Most students who stay off campus are dependent on water and electricity for their day to day activities.

The first rain of the year came on Thursday 11th March, and the aftermath is the power outage of many parts of Ilorin metropolis. It is also affecting densely populated students areas of Unilorin, like Oke Odo, Sanrab, MFM, Tipper garage and the likes. This has caused serious hardship for students because the day-to-day activities are connected with the use of these basic amenities.

Electricity which has various purposes, ranging from pumping of water, charging of electronic gadgets like phones, laptops; to reading lamps and for the purpose of reading in itself. All these being what students are emotionally attached to.

The unavailability of water and electricity has made students undergo unnecessarily stresses, and this include, staying out late at night to charge, disruption of planned activities for the day, loss of gadgets, boarding bus to school just for charging purpose, missing their virtual lectures, inability to access PDF materials on their phone, inability to read at night, and water unavailability.

During the week also, continous assessment timetable was released. This made students get more anxious about how they are going to cope with the stress they are currently going through, and then still balancing their academic activities.

With the current reality of power outage, water issue which has been a serious concern for students staying off campus has now got worsened. This mostly affect students that stay in one room apartment and hostels that there are no water. There is no one ready to tap into the business of providing water and selling at rates reasonably priced to ease student affairs. I hope some business people can tap into it if help is not forthcoming from any quarters.

I implore the students union through the welfare to write a letter to the Kwara state government and the Ibadan electric distribution company (IBEDC) to help fastrack the repair processes of the electricity so as to ease student predicament and prevent it from taking a tool on student academic performance.

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