June 25, 2022


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FBI Launches Creativity Contest For Nigerian Higher Institutions

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Future Brands Idol (FBI) is a competitive event that seeks to bring together Communication students in Nigerian Higher Institutions with interest in Advertising and Marketing Communications.

FBI aims at building students who will grow to be future brands problem solvers across the globe.

The event will enhance creative business’ armour through lectures; competition reviews and reverts, contacts with professionals and opportunities in the creative world.

According to a co-Founder, Ahmed Abdullahi, Future Brand Idol is not only a platform to bring closer the big industry players in advertising through mentoring but also to get would-be students professionals in the advertising of tomorrow to the workings of today.

To Sponsors:

The Creative Industry Needs THREATS Protection!

As you are either on the client side of the creative industry or the agency side. This means that you will be fully affected by anything that happens to the creative Industry. This is a call to protect the CREATIVE INDUSTRY for the FUTURE.

According to a Co-founder, Adesina Opeyemi, “it is true that creativity can come from anywhere, but we are on a mission to build advertising students to take charge of their industry. Future Brand IDOL will be the biggest advertising event with the largest Student attendees.

This event will:

For Brands (Clients):

Offer opportunity to impact lives of the Future Holder and advance brand reach to the hosting community.

“I believe in FBI as the right platform for creative youth,” Co-founder, Folayan Adejoke.

To Agencies:

Opportunity to scout for Creative Minds and to impact lives of the Future Holders.

“I love the idea. It will present something similar to portfolio night in Nigeria. I’m anticipating the event”.
ECD, Noah’s Ark

To Exhibitors:

Hope your brand won’t be missing?

One of the rarest places on earth is a place where people willingly wants to see products, check out products and hear more about it. You can give your brand the needed reach by exhibiting it at the Future Brand IDOL 2019.

“Sponsorship for Future Brand Idol, will enhance the growth of the industry and success for brands,” Co-founder, Tomori Uriel.

This event will give your brand the needed reach in the hosting communities and online as well as sell your product among others.

Contact: +2347066533487

Email: futurebrandidol@gmail.com

Website: futurebrandidol.com.ng

IG: futurebrandidol

Fb: Future Brand Idol

LinkedIn: Future Brand IDOL

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