May 19, 2022


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Growing up, there are some decisions and actions we made/performed that if allowed to go back in time we would greedily grab such opportunity, ensuring that we prevent our younger selves from making such decisions. Some examples might be when you told that cute guy in your class that you liked him and he flatly rejected you, or when you wanted to try something new by shaving off your brows, and, most importantly, when you did the strangest thing just to buy an item that caught your eye. 

There is a high chance that, if not all, some of us have performed absurd actions that when we look back at them, we laugh them off and probably slap ourselves lightly on the cheeks.

We can also agree that when it comes to listing various crazy actions we have carried out, at least a reasonable number of them related to our appearance.

Fashion plays a very important role in our lives, shaping and influencing people’s perceptions of how we look. When it comes to fashion, I often imagine it as a magician casting a hypnotic spell on us, attracting us to various clothing items, beauty products and accessories, instilling in us a desire to own them, and sometimes requiring us to do things we would not normally do.

In this article, I decided to do something different by creating what I refer to as ‘Fashion POP.’ What exactly is Fashion POP? Fashion POP is a new column in which I gather views, opinions, and stories about various fashion topics and issues from you, my amazing and gorgeous readers.

So, let me officially welcome you to the first instalment of Fashion POP. To kick off this column, I asked that you tell me the bizarre things they have done to appear fashionable, be it getting that fabulous dress that you necessarily did not need, a drop-dead gorgeous top that was way over your budget, impeccable beauty products that required you to make a lot of sacrifices, and becoming fashion trendsetters using unconventional materials.

Now settle down, grab a bowl of popcorn, and get ready to enjoy the stories we have lined up for you. Also, don’t forget to call your friends; it’s so much better when you read it with someone.

Ladies, pay attention; the ultimate secret to looking good is not having any sleep:

It was a Saturday night, a day before New Year’s Sunday, and I stayed up until around 3:00 a.m. with my sister to finish my dress. The dress was what I planned to wear to church the next morning, and I knew I could not postpone wearing that dress on that day because it defeated my whole purpose of strutting into church in style. So I had to stay glued to my seat and watch my sister peddle her sewing machine through the night till the next morning.  – Lydia

For the perfect eyebrow and lip color, kindly consider using crayons:

I remember it was a cultural day in our church, and I wanted to look beautiful and stylish. Because I didn’t have any makeup on, the thirteen-year-old creative genius in me decided to improvise by drawing my brows and painting my lips with a crayon. – Felicitas. 

Sometimes, you have to deprive yourself of a nice meal:

The most bizarre thing I have ever done in fashion would be to starve to save enough money to get a dress. The funny thing is that sometimes, in addition to the money I save, I will call my brother to ask for more money. -Muslimah

Studying only pays off if the prize is a new wardrobe:

One of my aunts made a promise to get me tons of new clothes if I got a first-class degree from a university. This has motivated me to be involved in extensive reading and attend a lot of night classes. – Nata

You don’t put a price tag on style:

During the second semester of the 100 level, the clothes I brought from home were selected by my mum. Almost all of them wore baggy and long clothes, which were not my style. So, my friend told me about this online store where they sell clothes. Scrolling through the catalog, I saw a dress that fitted into my style concept and liked it. I placed an order for it. Never in my life have I spent seven thousand naira on a dress, but after many days of debating the pros and cons, and a lot of hype from my friends, I decided that ‘you only live once,’ and got the dress.

Long story short, it appeared that the ‘you only live once’ slogan was unable to provide for me throughout that month, as I almost starved. -Jeje

Beauty comes first:

As a makeup artist and a passionate lover of all things beauty-related, I have made numerous sacrifices to obtain the most up-to-date makeup kits, boxes, and lashes. There was a time when I had to break up my relationship with a guy as a result of the love I had for beauty, and also deprived myself of some essential items I needed. – Pelumi

When it comes to finding the perfect gown, time is no limitation:

There was a day when I was scrolling through a WhatsApp status and saw a gown. I immediately fell in love with it. Determined to get a replica of the gown, I decided I would go to the market the next day. The next day found me waking up very late and leaving the comfort of my home to wander into the market at 6:00 pm, searching for a dress. I was terrified, mainly because I imagined how heartbroken I would be if all the stores were closed, and I didn’t find the gown. Fortunately, I saw the gown staring at me like we were meant to be together forever. I walked up to the seller and paid him the full price without bargaining. –Lufat.

Scientists have proven that impulse buying occurs primarily in boutiques:

I had saved up to thirty thousand naira in my account and was overjoyed, but little did I know that my joy would be fleeting. My friend asked me to follow her to a boutique so she could get new clothes. As we entered the building, my eyes were drawn to a variety of beautiful clothes, and before I knew it, I had about two pant trousers and, I believe, four tops in my hands. It was all a blur. I spent my entire savings in one day, and in one store. – Anita

It’s not a lie if it is for fashion:

I told my mum I needed some money to buy books and for a project, when I really wanted to buy clothes. – Khadijat

Oh! The things we do for our skin:

To take proper care of my skin, I surf the internet, watch YouTube videos and attend online classes. While watching some YouTube videos, I discovered and learned new hacks for getting clear skin. I remember coming across a hack that said applying apple cider vinegar would help smoothen my face. When I tried it, it did not help, leading to a breakout. I have also tried a lot of other hacks, like a mixture of baking soda and lemon, egg white and tissue paper, and toothpaste. I’ve gone to great lengths to clear my skin. – Joke

The dress has a variety of lining colors:

I was once broke and needed to make a dress for myself. Since I could not afford to buy the full lining material for the dress, I resorted to gathering pieces of lining together and joining them. It was my first time doing something like that; it was something I had never seen myself doing until then. – Deborah

Giveaways: Saving fashion since the inception of social media:

Scrolling through the posts on Instagram, I saw this account that was doing a giveaway for a complete skincare product set. Initially, due to the low engagement the announcement post was getting, I thought it would be like an easy win; that I had it in the bag. To win the giveaway prize, all you had to do was comment under a post and get people to like your comment. The highest likes won. As the competition got underway, more people began to enter, prompting me to beg everyone I knew to like my comments. I’d never entered a giveaway competition before, and I’m not one to ask for people to vote for me in any competition, but the thought of winning that amazing skincare set pushed me out of my comfort zone into trying something new.FYI: I won the prize. – Jumoke.

Again, if it’s for fashion, it’s not lying:

While on the road, I saw a pair of crazy jeans I liked, so I wanted to get them. Upon getting home, I told my mum I wanted to buy a skirt since she doesn’t like the idea of me wearing trousers. After a stressful day of going to the place where I saw the jeans, I had to look for a way to sneak the trousers into the house without my mum knowing. It was hilarious. She almost caught me when she asked to see the skirt I had bought. I pulled out one of my old skirts and showed her. – Blessing

Time to burn some calories:

Once upon a time, I sewed a dress and realized that the waistline of the dress was smaller than my actual waistline. I had to start a diet plan and began to work out just to reduce the size of my waist, because I could not allow the money and the effort that went into creating that dress go to waste. Things did not turn out as I expected; though I was finally able to fit into the dress, a very important part of me was also reduced: my precious hips! – Seyi.

It’s painful when it rains on your fashion parade:

I remember dying a cloth at midnight, hoping to wear it the next day. I will never forget the strenuous process I went through, only for me to spread the cloth and have droplets of water from the sky pour down on it. – Fola 


There you have it, guys, real-life experiences of people doing the bizarre things they have done to look glamorous, beautiful, and fashionable. To everyone who shared their stories, I say thank you and cheers to more experiences like this because in the end, it’s all worth it. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Remember, you can always recommend this article to a friend; there’s love in sharing. Thank you.

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