June 25, 2022


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FOSSA Constituency holds SPSS Workshop

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By: Iwayemi Zainab

The Faculty of Social Science Student’s constituency has held a Data analysis and SPSS workshop, for students in the faculty, on Wednesday May 2nd, 2018 at the Social Science Lecture Hall, University of Ilorin.
Senator Afolabi Oluwaseun (Agbarism), in his address revealed that, the workshop being the first of its kind was an effort to solve the deficiency of students in data analysis.
Head of Social Work Department, Dr. A. A. Abdullahi, who declared the program open, briefed the students on SPSS and its relevance alone to quantitative research.
He urged for a workshop on qualitative analysis and further admonished the need to uphold objectivity in research as research topics could be devised from daily activities.
The HOD also advised the students to avoid plagiarism but write with their own words, especially in their literature review.
Lastly, he reminded that the use of quantitative or qualitative analysis depends largely on the nature of research.
The second speaker Mr. Bakare; the staff adviser of Political Science department, reminded the students on the dynamism of research and opined that they employ recent textbooks to avoid outdated and archaic research content.
He also explained that “qualitative can be ethnographic, phenomenology…while quantitative can be experimental, causal…”
The session ended with presentation of extension boxes and a vote of thanks by Hon. Oluwayomi Emmanuel (Awolowo).
The latter part of the event was the practical training of SPSS done by Yusuf Olanrewaju; a student from the Statistics department. His training captured use of different tools such as graphs, pie chart, bar chart, line chart, data and variable analysis, and a host of others.
Other dignitaries were HOD Sociology; Dr. Mrs Adekeye, the SU Senate President; Adebola Adekumbi, the Financial Secretary of FOSSA, SOW President; Com. Olawale and PRO of Sociology. 

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