May 25, 2022


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FOSSA orientation: Sub dean student affairs charges students for academic excellence

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The Sub dean student affairs, Dr. Alex Akanmu, has charged students for academic excellence, at the Faculty Of Social Sciences Association (FOSSA) orientation program for fresh students.
The Sub dean student affairs, in his lecture titled, “Not for eternity,  give it your best,” urged new students to squarely face what has brought them on campus.
He enthused that students  needs to desist from paparazzi of pictures taking, attending parties, use of social media amidst others.
He further advised that students should give their best as it’s easy if they are determined  to graduate with distinction and not “a graduate in the crowd”.
Furthering his speech, he addressed the new intakes as “peculiar students,” because they came amidst tough tussles when the institution is facing difficulties in transportation, delay in the release of admission list and other forces.
Dr. A. A Abdullahi, a lecturer in the university, exposed students to the need to follow  their paassion, work hard and be best of what they want to be irrespective of the hardship offered by their environment.
In his closing remark, he encouraged students to rise above the present limitation before them, while advising students to be good ambassadors of the university rules and regulations, as it’s a core determinant that determines their stay in the institution.
The Student Union representative, Com. MYT, informed students on the challenges faced by the students in the area of transportation, ban of hair extensions and inability to pay school fees as he made clarifications. “Things will get back to normal soon,” he added.
Dignitaries such as Dr. Alex Akanmu, Sub-dean, student affairs, Dr. Iroye, Faculty of social science sub-dean, Chairman accademic staff union Unilorin, were present at the event.

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