June 25, 2022


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FOSSSA constitutes FIEC amid controversy

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In the process of constituting FIEC, FOSSSA Independent Electoral Commission, an uproar stemed out from the association.
FIEC which is expected to have all faculties represented, surprisingly had a hand full of the departments constitute the electoral commission. As issue of impersonation,  politicking and constitutional negligence were leaked.
A representative from the department of psychology was accused of impersonating. According to report gathered, the impersonator was said to have been nominated by the clerk of the house. But when asked, the clerk asserted that she was not aware that among her nominees was an impostor, stating that she didn’t directly nominate FIEC representative from her faculty.
According to her, she instructed that all names be collated based on approval, before been forwarded.
After a thorough session, the impostor was dismissed and one out of two nominee from the department of psychology was left.
The speaker suggested a nominee from criminology be withdrawn, for been an 100l student, and be replaced by another but he was declined.
Hon. Ola, an SRC member of the faculty, read out the clause of the constitution which state that, a FIEC member must be one who haven’t held any political post.  He further revealed that a representative from psychology holds a position in his department, this saw the department of psychology not been represented.
Com. Deji suggested that the formation of FIEC should be postponed till the next day for proper representation.
The President, Kelvin, also pleaded that the congress be shifted so all departments can be duly represented, but he was objected.
The speaker submitted that if any anything go wrong he wouldn’t be accountable, since it is the decision of the majority.
Here are the list of sworn in fiec representatives:
Akinlaso Nasirudeen Femi…geography (chairman)
Nasri Rotimi M… Social works(general secretary)
Lawal Olajuwon Mustapha… Political science (P. R. O)
Adeoti Sheriffdeen… Economics
Aremu Adams Adebisi… Economics
Oyedokun Ibukun O. Geography
Oladimeji Oluwafemi Babatunde.
Babaita Abdulrasheed… Social Works.

The house however concluded that FIEC budget defence be presented on Wednesday, 4th of July 2018.


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