May 17, 2022


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FOSSSA Elections Aftermath: No electoral fraud whatsoever — Chairman electoral commission claims

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Following some claims of irregularities amidst the just concluded elections into the Central Executive Council (CEC) positions of the faculty of social sciences, the chairman of the faculty independent electoral commission (FIEC), Kareem Ahmed late yesternight refuted any claim of anomaly in the process.

His explanation came after a report first came on the elections which, according to the clamin by sources of the story, was marred by ample electoral irregularities.

However, in an interaction with UCJ-UNILORIN Editor-in-chief via WhatsApp platform, the chairman absolved the commission of any malpractice, saying “there was no electoral fraud on the day of the election.”

He went further to explained what happened that day. In his words, “what happen was that a guy was given the ballot to vote, then he came back to meet one of my commisioner that he made a mistake of voting for someone he did not want to vote for. Asking that he should be given another ballot. To this my commisioner declined. But you know how students can be, he wanted to forcefully take the ballot.”

Making claim that the event must have been what the reported witnessed to come up with the notion of fraud. “That was what your (UCJ-UNILORIN) reporter saw and reported electoral fraud. And immediately I saw that, I called in the security and the guy was taken out of the election hall.”, He explained.

On the issue of declaration of a disqualified candidate as one of the eventual winners, The chairman made a claimed against the earlier report that “the reporter reported that I declared one Tychicus as the winner of the General Secretary position, this is also false as during the election, I and the UISEC chairman did a thorough check on the forms of all candidates. Then we found out an anomally in his form, that the GP he wrote was not what he submitted. So I and the UISEC chairman decided he be disqualified because he did not meet the required GP for the position.

“This decision I communicated to the Sub dean Student Affairs and he approved it. And he told me to fix another date for bye-election.

“As a matter of fact, during the declaration of result, I did not even allow his vote to be counted, not to talk of declaring him the winner of that election.

“So I was surprise to see your report stating that a sociology student was caught, and that I declared the person without the required GP as winner.”, He recounted.

To buttress his assertion, the chairman further shared the results which was signed by himself and the secretary to the commission. The results are as follow:

The President

Trailblazer 1047
Columbus 487
Void. 69
Trailblazer returned elected

Vice President
I.B.K. 1309
Void. 294
I.B.K returned elected

Gen Secretary
Disqualified, date for bye election will be announced as soon as possible

Arise 961
Oladipo 585
Void. 56
Arise returned elected

Social Director
Geo Bilz. .956
Dm. 597
Void. 52
Geo bilz returned elected

Original. 1333
Void 270
Original returned elected

Karl Marx 1350
Void. 253
Karl marx returned elected

Sport Director
Coach. 1319
Void 284
Coach returned elected

Financial Secretary
Lawal. 1340
Void. 263
Lawal returned elected.

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