May 26, 2022


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FOSSSA holds symposium on terrorism; Inter-faculty debate

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The faculty of social sciences student Association in the university of Ilorin, FOSSSA, had on Wednesday held a twin program, a symposium on terrorism and an inter-faculty debate.

The symposium which preceeded the inter-faculty debate was held at the Social Sciences Lecture Theatre, and had in attendance the invited keynote speakers.

In his welcome address, the president of the faculty students, Comrade Olorede Abdul-Gafar explained the motive behind the adoption of the theme of terrorism for the symposium. He further appreciated the invited speakers for their appearances.

In his lecture titled “Terrorism and Vote Buying, Dr Mahfouz Adedimeji who was reapresented by a formal president of Unilorin chapter of Union of campus journalists, Barrister Chima Osuji, gave insights on the concept of terrorism and some of the causal abstractions amongst other social vices.

Other speaker at the event Dr Abdul Rahman Olatunji talked on the other aspect ethnic, tribes and religion among other criteria to the causes and effects of the territorism. He opined that terrorism is an act that is natural and old to human existence.

In his own submission, the ex-president of the conveners, the National Association of Political science students, NAPSS, Unilorin chapter, Comrade Lawal Sultan said no religion ever preaches violence. He further by highlighting some of the causes of terrorism, adding that poverty, greediness and uneven distribution of commonwealth could be of the things behind malady of terrorism.

Subsequently afterwards the event shifted to the second segment of the program which was the inter-faculty debate with the debate topic: “Terrorism and Religion: proffering the trauma religious have impinged to the cause of terrorism”

In this, the participanted faculties — The faculties of Arts (as 4th), Management Sciences (5th), Education (3rd), Communication and Information Sciences (2nd runner-up), Social Sciences (1st runner-up) and the faculty of Law (as the champion) were, after the oratory battle, awarded respectively.

Other personalities at the event were the students Union’s president, comrade Oluseyi Animasaun; The Union’s Secretary, Comrade Adebanke, known as BANKS; Mr Alamu Azeez, and amongst others personalities.

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