June 25, 2022


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FOSSSA speaker apologizes for oversight

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~~~ Iwayemi Zainab

The speaker of the Faculty of Social Science Students Association, Hon. Ajala Abdulsalam, has apologized to members of the honourable on the floor of the house, in a congress held on Monday 2nd June 2018.
The congress which had in its sitting honourables representing members of the faculty, demanding an apology from the speaker for allegedly consenting to the use of the faculty mace by some departments without consulting the house.
The clerk attested to the fact that she received a call from someone who requested her permission of using the mace for departmental congress but she had directed him to the speaker.
When asked if he truly granted permission for the use of the mace,  in all sincerity  the speaker gave a yes as an answer adding that although he had allowed the mace be used, he gave it on a condition that the maze must not be damaged.  But he didn’t know they would be using it from time to time.
Hon. Ola clarified that he is not indulging in any witch hunting exercise with the speaker neither is he been value laden, according to him the speaker should have made them go through the right protocols before granting access  for the usage.
Hon. Sanni added that if the dept of Social Works could write to the appropriate quarter to use the mace, what stoped the other departments . He also mentioned that he had seen the department of psychology use it for on about three occasions.
Hon.Immaculate suggested that the speaker apologize for granting permission to use the faculty mace without the consent of honorable members. The speaker therefore apologized on the floor of the house for not taking along other members, and his apology was accepted.
A motion for the adjournment of the sitting till Wednesday 4th July, 2018, and was duly seconded.

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