June 25, 2022


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Future Brand Idol a Solution For Emerging Creative Minds

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One of the hindrances to development in Africa, and Nigeria especially is the lack of platform. While, many will attribute this to poor leadership, individuals have invariably made or no effort to savage the existing crisis across all sector, be it academics, agriculture, Information Technology and most especially the Marketing Communication industry.

The Marketing Communication industry in Nigeria, has experienced monumental changes and quality, such that conforms with international standards, thereby placing Africa and most especially, Nigeria on the map in the creative industry. Ranging from advertising agencies, Public Relations outfits and Marketing institutions.

This development though often overlooked by many influencers, has added much values to the economy than many existing industry in Nigeria today. For instance, marketing communications activities do not just amplify brand messages for stakeholders benefits, but also contributes in other aspects ranging from taxes to raising the standard of living. In Nigeria today, the Marketing Communications industry is one of the most successful in Africa.

However, the lack of sufficient platforms for budding creative individuals, has left the future of the industry bleak. When this beautiful era ends, who are those to maintain the tempo?

Today, in our Nigeria institutions, many students who take communication courses, especially Marketing Communications, have little knowledge about what a creative brief is, the ethics in the industry and the opportunities available to them.

This is what the Future Brand Idol is all about. We are set to not just connect young creative minds to the industry, but also equip these minds with the necessary tools to succeed in the industry. Such, that we can have creative minds becoming creative directors.

Future Brand Idol is a contest in search of the next brand idol in Nigeria.

We seriously believe in the abilities, creativity of Nigerian youth and the potency of these abilities and creativity to produce results.

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