August 4, 2021


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Get Information From Right Source Not Social Media, Nigerian Army To Nigerians

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The Nigerian Army called on Nigerians not to rely on military information from the social media but to cross-check information and get correct details from designated military officers. Brigadier General Okechukwu Ugo, speaking on Channels Television’s Breakfast show, Sunrise Daily, said structures have been put in place for members of the public to get correct information about Nigerian Army. He said, “We encourage people to please cross check. In the army, we have public relations officers down to brigade levels and in state capital including some local government areas. We have army public relations officers. If you hear such a thing, the correct thing to do is to consult the nearest military unit and get the true situation of things because if you believe what you see on social media, then you will go home with the wrong information.” UCJ, UNILORIN.

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