July 28, 2021


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Girl’s lung collapsed after screaming at One Direction concert 🎤

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A 16-year-old fan’s ‘lung collapsed’ after she screamed too much at a One Direction concert, an emergency doctor told the BBC.  The girl became short of breath during the concert but continued cheering “because she was a super fan”.  When she attended the hospital straight afterwards, they found air had leaked into three different anatomical spaces. 
Published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine, it’s the first time a case of this kind has been documented.  Dr J Mack Slaughter treated the girl, (who remains anonymous) at the Children’s Medical Centre in Dallas: “Her oxygen levels were fine. She didn’t look like she was seriously ill,” he said.  “But instead of breathing a normal 12-16 times a minute, she was breathing 22 times a minute. So we knew something was a little off by that.” In a physical exam, Dr Slaughter also noted she had crepitus, “a crunchy sound – like the sound Rice Krispies make – when you press on certain parts of the body.”  This showed him that a “small amount of air had made its way out of the respiratory track into soft tissue.”


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