August 19, 2022


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Google Chrome security features to prevent malicious auto-redirects

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In recent versions, Chrome has implmented various measures to increase security and ensure a good user experience, like preventing content from autoplaying.
Google found that this type of malicious behavior is due to third-party iframes, with Chrome now blocking them unless a user has been directly interacting with that frame.
Meanwhile, version 65 will deal with sites that circumvent Chrome’s built-in pop-up blocker by opening the link that users want to visit in another tab, while the main window visits an unwanted page.
The last change is launching in January and has Chrome’s pop-up blocker prevent sites with abusive experiences, like disguising links as play buttons, other controls, or transparent overlays, from opening new windows or tabs.
Google is launching an Abusive Experiences Report in the Search Console so that site owners can find out if there are any bad experiences on their page.

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