May 26, 2022


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Graduands advise students as NAOSS organizes online interactive session

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Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez

The National Association of Osun students (NAOSS) has on the 28th of September, 2019 held Campus 501, which according to the executives of the association is an online interactive session between invited granduands, Osun state students and Unilorites in general.

The association, which was recently awarded as the best indigenous association on campus at the Students’ Dinner and Award Night, stated that the seminar would consist of an interview and Question and Answer session to further add flavour to the programme. 

The programme was anchored on the NAOSS WhatsApp platform by the association’s General Secretary and Public Relations Officer, Mr. Taofik Waliu and Mr. Abdulwahid Ibrahim, featured discussions from the award winning debater and speaker, former President of The Tax Club and former Attorney General of the Students Union, Mr. Jimoh Omotayo, the erstwhile Vice President of Students’ Union and CEO of ABK Farms, Miss Abdulrazak Kaosara amongst others.

The programme witnessed graduands sharing their experiences and tips on their stay on campus and relayed pieces of advice and tips to students which they could follow in ensuring that their stay on campus is hitch-free and ensure convenience for their academic and extra-curricular activities in order to ensure that they do not fall into jeopardy.

The President, Mr. Adegoke Aratunji, in his welcome address stated that the session is to give the audience the opportunity to learn from the experiences of invited prospective graduands in the poise to improve and enhance their experiences to guide them in the endeavours on campus. 

While answering a question of combining academics and business with politics, ABK said that the reason she vied for the position of Faculty Vice President and subsequently Vice President of the Students’ Union is to look for a platform to execute an entrepreneurship programme which birthed the first empowerment scheme in the Faculty.

When asked about how she solved the problem of finance in establishing ABK Farms, said she engaged in part-time jobs and graphics so all the monies gained were saved up to start the agribusiness.

Jimoh Omotayo was of the view that he started debating right from time but the tipping point came at the end of his second year when a coach taught them the British Parliamentary Debate which is the most adopted style of debate in most universities and he recommended that intending debaters and students passionate about debating should join Unilorin debate team.

On his decision to add moderating and anchoring of programmes to his personality, he stated that his belief is anybody can excel at anything if the mind is set on such objective. He also enjoined students to figure out what works for them and ensure that they take their academic studies seriously and should be of importance.

While discussing with the erstwhile President of Rotaract Club Unilorin and former Attorney General of the Law Students Society, Miss. Olanrewaju Hanifat, said her driving force was making impact and serving humanity in her best ways. She said that made her joined Euthenasia Prevention Initiative.

She also posited that since her 200 level days she hadn’t spent her holidays at her hometown but have been working in various firms as an intern in Ilorin city to further boost her experience. Fortunately, during her 300 level days, she knew about Rotaract and discovered its goals aligned with hers and she joined and rose to its President.

In the area of entrepreneurship, she said she learnt Tailoring during the holidays. She concluded that combining all these things with academics is not an easy task but with commitment, it will be easy and all would fall in place. 

While chatting with Alum Toheeb, Former Civil Engineering President, he said the sole purpose of joining politics is to join them to make required corrections to things and the zeal to contribute his quota to the development of his immediate society.

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