May 17, 2022


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Group holds children summer camp

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By Tomi Ojebode

A non-governmental organization, Olive Community Developmental Initiative (OCDI), has held a five-day summer camp for children at Memorial Youth Centre, Eyeinkorin, Ilorin.

The annual program themed ’21st Century skill summer camp’ held from 19th August – 23rd August, 2019.

Sponsored by VSO and Global Giving, the NGO aimed at equipping the participants with skills and knowledge that are salient for survival in the 21st Century.

The CEO of Plush Organics and lecturer from South Africa, Dr. Ife Adeleke taught the children on career choices with an emphasis on goal setting.

Dr. Gbemi Adeniran, a Medical doctor from Teaching Hospital in Kebbi State, exposed the children to information technology and how they could make a living from it.

The event had sessions on photography, French and sign languages, improving communication and information technology skills among others.

The group also made sensitization on drug abuse, sexual abuse and child trafficking.

The CEO of OCDI, Toni Adeleke, when asked to what extend the program had impacted the children, explained that “many partciants who attended the camp the previous year were present and had now developed better public speaking skills”. 

The CEO further said that the female participants now had different career choices beyond the kitchen.

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