May 17, 2022


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Group holds rally, sensitizes society on mental health

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By Muhammad Aisha Dabarako & Abdullahi Aishat Damilola

Mental Awareness Group (MAG), on 19th of January had a rally from Unilorin bus terminus to Oke-odo in Ilorin, Kwara State.

The rally was aimed at sensitising the public about mental health with an emphasis on the importance of being observant of the actions and inactions of people. The group also encouraged people to be open minded and always speak kind words to people and also report any suspicious acts of individuals.

After the walk, MAG further had a talk session, held at Galad Institute with personalities of vast knowledge in the field of mental health to enlighten the audience on issues relating to the mental state of man.

The speakers stressed on other factors of mental illness in addition to depression which were anxiety, nervoursness and among others.

The veterans adviced the audience to connect to victims and refer them to professionals.
At the end of the event, people networked and interacted with themselves.

Dignitaries of the talk session were Dr. Yemi Obabire, Dr. Mubarak Ijaiya, Dr. Abdullahi Olaitan and Counsellor Patrick of University of Ilorin.

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