May 17, 2022


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Had we all practice 50% from our religion’s teachings, the world would have been a better place

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Barely a month ago, a friend posted on facebook and the post caught
my attention. He said, “My religion means peace, and it’s perfect. ButI’m not. So, if I make any mistake blame it on me not my religion.”

What a beautiful dictum! However, I was compelled to question him, in spirit, if his mistake comes once or recurrently? Come what may, why not ameliorate his irregularities ethically and religiously and give the wailers a shut up. 

Many a time, I have read people come to conclusion that religion and ethnicity have been the prime streams of our unending tribulations, mostly in Nigeria. Could that be right or wrong? I want you to either falsify or uphold that assertion. 

The most dangerous life wire anyone can step on is a religious issue. However, it saddens how people toy with it. Every religion preaches peace and freedom… Isn’t it? 

Oh! Before you raise eyebrow and before quoting scriptures and verses that encourage war, I’m much aware we have them in tons. 

However, were you able to engage yourself in thorough research as to the genesis of those verses? Were you able to connect the dots between the previous et subsequent verses and the verse itself? Or you just read the verse and start ranting? 

My dear, be a student of right knowledge. 

Let’s get back on the rail. Enough of the preambles.

In reference to the heading of this engagement, had we all followed the path of our religion submissively, the world would have been a comfort zone. 

Barely 5 months ago, I experienced an exceptional character that changed my philosophy and reinforced the hope that this wide web we dwell can be a better place.

It was the virgin moment of the harmattan semester. No lecture. No stress. I was busy with my daily routine at Remlinks base – where two of my friends make a living as a student entrepreneur. 

As I raised my head and stretched my inelastic body – a gesture of tediousness, my retinas landed on a beautiful avatar. A tall, fair, bearded guy with curly mesmerizing hair. 

It was a moment of silence and admiration for me. The only clause that saved me is that I am not a lady. Had I, the news of a lady proposing to a guy in UNILORIN would have rented the web.

It’s no joke, the guy has it all physically.

He approached my friend. “Good afternoon, Sir. I wanna type a letter”, he said in an angelic voice. My friend who was engrossed in LaTeX project responded in rejection. “I’m sorry, I’m quite busy…”

Before he could make any referral, I had embraced the man. “Let me help you, Sir.” Even though it wasn’t my job, at least it would pay my transport fare for the day.

His work was done and dusted. Proofread and edited, as he urged me to look if there was a need for restructuring. The letter was addressed to the VC. 

I was expecting him to pay for the service immediately, but he pleaded to come back ASAP. Not that he didn’t have the money to pay but I thought…

He went and did not return as promised.

It was the same day of the week – a week after. I was on a laptop. There appeared a fair hand from behind me from which two naira notes (#100paper and #50 polymer) descended. 

“Angels are now dropping me money”, I murmured.

I followed the hand, as it was being withdrawn. Lo! It was my finest. 

As our retinas made an abstract contact, apologies rented the air. “I am very s…” “No problem, but you are supposed to pay me 100#”, I cut in.

What he said awed me and I felt like giving my sister out to him. What an embodiment of beauty and character! 

“I used your money for business and that increment is the profit it made”, he said. 

“Pardon” was what came out of my orifice.

I looked inward to confirm the reality of what my ear heard. I was not dreaming. It was a reality. 

I had only read and heard about such characters in the documentaries of our pious predecessors. How lenient they were in dealings – business, character and humanity, among others. 

This is but a trait we need to inculcate to better this web. 

I know many people will trivialise this, because #50 naira to them is insignificant. But I’m happy to tell you that the keyword is not money but the ‘display of exceptional character’. Had we sealed a billon naira deal, such trait would be displayed by him. 

That was how Prof. Oloyede started. 

This is one of the teachings your religion should teach you and not the display of flimflam we engage in today. Look deeply into your scripture you will find it there. It’s only left for you to execute it. 

Religions are neither meant to ruin nor dehumanise us.

The truth of the matter is that we can’t all follow a single path. We are entities of different color, shape, tribe, nationality and religion, among others. We have got to be lenient and accommodating, irrespective of our personal or societal differences. 

Brethren! Religious or personal differences, which is our problem?




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