May 26, 2022


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Hall reps decry water scarcity, poor electricity supply

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Salman Ibraheem

Representatives of hostels on campus have decried the state of water supply and electricity in their respective hostels.

The senators registered their displeasure at the 6th ordinary sitting of the senate council of the students’ union held on 11th May, 2019. Senators Femzee and Bashirah representing Lagos male hostel and Zamfara female hostel respectively submitted that students of their hostel live in deplorable states.

In his words, Mr. Femzee described the state of affairs of his hostel saying: “We’ve been experiencing breaks in power supply and this is a dissatisfying state of affairs for the students. He further noted that students do not need power supply for their academics only but also for relaxation: “You need to see how guys call my name when they want to watch football and there is no light”

Ms. Bashirah also disclosed that the situation in the male hostel is similar to theirs at Zamfara hostel, she mentioned that the hostels need generators to ensure power supply and more importantly to pump water for usage by students staying in the hostels.

She enthused further saying: ” The toilets in the hostel are in bad shape due to lack of constant water supply”

Senator Khadeeja of Needs hostel and Senator Alayo of Lagos female hostel expressed security concerns in their hostels caused by the breaks in electricity supply. 

The senators posited that the hostel management must seek solutions to the issues raised as students comfort and security are of utmost importance to them.

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